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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

environment trust fund to finance several conservation projects

One of the projects will reduce an estimated 196,668 tons of green house gas emission and 183,214 tons of fuel wood consumption for energy
The Bhutan Trust Fund for Environment Conservation (BTFEC) will spend Nu 32.587mn for various environment conservation projects starting next month.
The director for BTFEC, Dr. Pema Choephyel, said the project will be carried out in two phases.  “For the first half of the financial year we have five projects while similar amount will be in place for the second phase as well,” he said.
Out of the Nu 32.587mn, Nu 13.5mn will be allocated to the project that will improve fuel wood cooking stoves. This project will mainstream sustainable biomass energy production, conversion and utilization. It will further support innovative practices and market mechanisms for local sustainable biomass energy technology development and promotion.
This project is estimated to reduce 196,668 tons of Green House Gas emission and 183,214 tons of fuel wood consumption for energy.
The BTFEC will also provide Nu 8mn to Integrated Solid Waste Management (ISWM) project at Bajothang in Wangduephodrang. The project is expected to put ISWM system in place and introduce behavioral change and outlook toward waste management.
“Waste management needs due consideration. We would look at the waste management chain from collection of waste to middlemen to disposal to recycling,” said Dr. Pema Choephyel, adding that this will be a pilot project on waste management.
A total of Nu 2.122mn will be allocated to the Bumdeling black necked crane habitat reclamation project in Tashiyangtse. One of the main objectives of this project is to protect the wetlands from flash floods and provide conducive breeding and roosting place for the endangered cranes.
The fund will be utilized for the construction of embankment and plantation along Glingbuchu and Kholongchu. The project is also aimed at promoting eco-tourism.
Another Nu 2.7mn will be provided to help residents of Merak and Sakteng by supplying alternative roofing for their houses. The 236 households in Merak and 139 in Sakteng will be supplied with CGI sheets to reduce their dependence on forest resources for roof shingles.
In addition, Nu 1.9mn will be kept aside for the implementation of the National Human Wildlife Conflicts management strategy.
To combat increasing human wildlife conflicts in Sipsoo and Sarpang, the funed will be used to construct stone masonry, elephant trench, and solar electric fencing. Livestock insurance scheme to compensate wildlife depredation of livestock will also be put in place.
Today there are 12 on-going projects worth Nu 135.409mn for various conservation programs. Since its inception, the BTFEC has spent Nu 358.689mn on 87 conservation related projects in the country.

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