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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Documenting freshwater life in Bhutan

In an attempt to document the varieties of lives in the fresh waters in the country, a preliminary study on fresh water biodiversity was conducted at the Wangchuck Centennial Park in Bumthang

LDCs fear key issues could be lost in climate change negotiations

As the next round of climate negotiations begins in Bangkok, the chair of the Least Developed Countries (LDCs) group warned that key issues that are vital to protect the countries from the ravages of climate change and which they are already experiencing could be lost

Bumdeling and Khotokha wetlands gain international significance

With the inclusion of the two protected wetlands, Bhutan joins the race to cover 250mn hectares of protected area around the world by 2015

Neighboring countries to take stewardship of Mt Kanchenjunga

Bhutan, India and Nepal have developed a road map for carrying out collaborative work on trans-boundary Biodiversity Management in Kanchenjunga landscape

Bhutan’s Poverty Environment Initiative on the right track

A common understanding was that environment conservation and poverty reduction should not be left out at the cost of development