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Thursday, July 26, 2012

an edgy equation between bhutan’s snow leopards and the building mercury

Snow leopard habitat in Bhutan and the neighboring Himalayan countries could be substantially wiped out if green house emissions continue to increase

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

new nganglam town falls on the biological corridor

The location of the new Nganglam town right on the way of a crucial biological corridor has raised the age-old debate on development versus conservation

bhutan’s forest cover increases to 81%

Bhutan has successfully fulfilled its obligation is phasing out 100% of the CFC by 2010 and it has now embarked on the obligation to accelerate the phase-out of HCFC by 2025 instead of 2030 like other developing countries

pm assures the world of bhutan’s sustainable course

The outcome document of the conference falls far short of what needs to be done

Ministry wise impact on environment Part V (green procurement system needs to be in place, points out experts)

The expert group recommends incorporation of green elements in procurement of rules and regulations and taking account of environmental considerations while preparing the annual budget